Friday Morning Catch-Up

Friday is typically my day off and it’s often the only morning of the week that I can sit at home all by myself sipping coffee, watching various morning news programs while I surf and catch up on news and trends and pop-culture stuff. This is that kind of morning with one exception: I’m switching between coffee and EmergenC as I fight a cold that keeps trying to get worse (but I’ve successfully kept to a small amount of congestion and a tiny, shallow cough).

Here are some links:

Something thought-provoking from Huffington Post. “How To Shrink Your Church

My friend Dana shared this, and I agree with one of her commenters: this applies in some way to all kinds of demeaning or degrading humor. “To All Those Men Who Don’t Think Rape Jokes Are A Problem.”

What about contemporary Christian/Worship music? Sandra Billy writes for Two Friars and a Fool: “Upper Room Music”

This is a lengthy read, but he makes a good point about what love looks like when we actually put it into practice everywhere.  “I’m A Christian, Unless You’re Gay” on Single Dad Laughing.

A friend writes about leading a prayer vigil for a woman murdered in an instance of domestic violence and reminds us about the true longing during Advent–the waiting for the reign of God. “Reflection: No Life Forgotten”

“20 Things You Want To Hear A Christian Say”

I’ve heard a lot of discussion about the new Catholic Mass responses. Mary Biever shares a wonderful reflection in her post “Whats and Whys for the New Mass Responses.”

(and now for the less-serious contributions to my morning:)

In the most humorous way possible, mother of three boys and the Very Worst Missionary, Jamie breaks down the importance of guarding your heart. “Guard Your Heart, Bro.”

Parodies are not my favorite things, but some people are so creative! Video: Bethlehemian Rhapsody

Mark Oestreicher got some attention with his regular postings of the worst nativity sets of all time. Here, the Daily Mail features his collection: “We Three S’mores of Orient Are”

My friend Lisa is a wonderful writer, and I’ve looked on this past month as she participated in NaNoWriMo–something I’ve always wanted to do. I use the excuse that my November is too busy to even attempt it, but this mother of two tiny children’s discipline and ability to write 35,000 words of a novel by waking up at 5a.m. every morning shames me a bit!  “A Novel Experience”

A gentle reminder to all of us who like to donate food to our local pantries–especially at this time of year: “So You Think You Are Being A Good Samaritan” on Absence of Alternatives.

I often realize how GLAD I am that I’ve never had the responsibility of naming a child…and I’m a little fascinated by how parents make their decision (that chapter of Freakonomics is still one of the most memorable things I’ve read). Shine covers the “Hottest Baby Names of 2011.”

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  1. Hi, thank you so much for mentioning my post on food pantry. Someone else sent me an article talking about how perhaps people should consider making cash donations (if they could afford it of course) so food pantry can purchase bulk food as it is needed for distribution. Thank you also for the good laugh on the manger scene. Now I am hungry! LOL. One more thing, I saw on the elevator at work (yes, they advertise now on elevators) that the popular names are River, Spring, Summer, Rain… 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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