Friday Morning: Lots of Random

November 6, 2009

It’s Friday morning and for the first time in about 2 weeks, I actually got more than 6 hours of sleep (that’s a cumulative total since I was up for about 45 minutes in the middle of the night. I have a dream that one night I’ll sleep for 8 hours straight again)! I have a lot to do today–get my oil changed, hit the gym, have lunch with various loved ones (including my brother–he’s driving through town on the way to a weekend in North Carolina with my sister and friends), finish packing for the youth retreat at Camp Loucon, and head to the church to deal with last minute chaos.

I said I would update about Jonas when I knew more. We don’t know much more, but the doctor’s outlook has changed dramatically. He now thinks it’s possible that Jonas will fully recover sight in his right eye and that the only lingering damage will be a mis-shapen pupil and the great possibility of macular degeneration in the future (which is treatable). He has stressed that it’s very important that we continue to keep Jonas still and continue his round of medication. Jonas goes back to the doctor this afternoon. Yesterday, his mom came and picked him up and he will spend the weekend at her house. Jason is supposed to go with the youth group to Camp Loucon, but he will make the final decision after the doctor’s office this afternoon. I hope he comes, because he’s had an exhausting week and could use some time in the woods…well, it would be the woods with a bunch of teenagers, but that would make it even more fun, I think!

I’ve been pretty busy working on retreat stuff this week. I’m trying to make power point cool again, so look out for that. I mean, Media Shout, who? I have made SO MANY power point slides this week. Song lyrics, Scripture slides, illustrations for a talk tonight, a big prayer thing for tomorrow night. Also, Vista ruined power point. I bet you’re now as sick of the words power point as I am.

I think Sam (our dog) is losing it. He’s had an interesting week. First of all, I left him for 5 days, which I hear was pretty upsetting for him. Especially since after Saturday afternoon, things got a lot more interesting around here and people came in and out constantly. I took him to work with me on Tuesday (I just told on myself) and discovered that he is terrified of the waxed tile floors. He was so scared to walk on them that he would just lay down and refuse to move. On Wednesday, he forgot that he was not chained up or penned up in anyway and was laying by the door in the entry way of the house barking to be let off his chain. He would not comprehend that he was free to move about the house. Last night, he went into Jonas room and tore a box of kleenex completely to shreds–shredded kleenex EVERYWHERE. He hasn’t made a mess like that in a very long time. This morning, he keeps trying to crawl under my feet whenever I sit down. Maybe he’s lacking attention this week?

Also, I think Sam and Simon (the cat) have reached an agreement that makes Simon happy. She used to be scared of Sam, but now, it seems, Sam is terrified of her. Simon must have done some damage when no one was looking. Poor Sam.

It’s a really pretty fall day here. I hope that’s a good sign for the weekend ahead.