Friday Night’s All Right

October 10, 2008

It’s been a great Fall Break! We’ve had a great week right here in town. We’ve taken the dog on walks downtown (a treat because during our normal days, there’s no way we can take Sam downtown), hiked in Audubon Park, been to the zoo, played at Gattytown, went to dinner at Mom’s, put Jonas’ Halloween costume together (Frodo from LOTR) and went to the Colonel game tonight. Jason’s done a little work here and there and I’ve done almost none (well, except for housework–I’ve done lots of catching up there). I’ve also been able to read a whole book just for fun–Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. It was pretty good.

Right now I’m watching 20/20. John Stossel did a report on voters in America. This guy went around at this rock the vote concert and interviewed newly registered voters. People who think we have 12 senators total and that Roe v. Wade was about “this white dude and this black dude?” or “the decision that made America bankrupt?” I’m not saying we’re in trouble, but we might be in trouble. And now they’re playing the new Britney video. Which I was perfectly willing to give a fair chance, but I actually hate. Oh well.

The boys are watching the third Lord of the Rings. Jonas is watching the trilogy with Jason for the first time. He’s quite taken with it–thus the desire to be Frodo for Halloween. He has a wig (it’s actually officially a “surfer dude” wig, but it works) and a cape. He’s going to wear a pair of tattered pants and I’m going to use bronzer to make his face dirty. And of course, we’re working on finding the perfect ring to wear. He doesn’t want to trick-or-treat this year–just walk around. I have a feeling he’ll change his mind when he thinks about the candy.

It’s going to be a super busy week. For starters, we have the high school canoe trip on Sunday. That will be relaxing and fun, but a big day all the same. We have to go to court on Monday, I’m training some girl scout leaders Monday night, I have a meeting about our Fall Retreat in Mad-ville on Tuesday, I’m going to speak at church on Wednesday night, and then spend the rest of the week preparing to preach on Sunday. Also, we’re having this big rummage sale/pancake breakfast on Sunday. It benefits a family in our church who is getting a service dog for their autistic son. The dog is a black lab named Teddy and will be a companion and guardian for Jac, which is a blessing for this family.

Um…that’s about it for now! I’ll try to get some pictures from the zoo up this week!

One response to Friday Night’s All Right

  1. Wonderful update. You guys really made the most of your week, huh?

    I will be thinking of Jonas as I watch the 2nd LOTR movies tonight. My friend here loves them and got me to watch the first one about a month ago. So, now I have to see all 3.