Friends Are Friends ForEVER…

(Y’all can just keep humming that song by Michael W. Smith (Smitty!) while you read this post.)

This is my dear friend Whitney.

Whitney is awesome for so many reasons, but something excitingly awesome right now is that soon she will be leaving the country to serve God and God’s people in Chile! For at least three years!

This morning, she made her announcement at church. I’m really excited for her and am really excited about the things that she will do as she follows God to Chile. I’m a little sad that she’s leaving because she’s become such a dear, wonderful friend to me in my every day life, but thanks to the magic of this internet thing, I think we’ll be able to keep in touch!

This very week, Whitney is beginning to raise her support! It is a really exciting opportunity to partner with her and support the work God is already doing in Chile.

If you would, say a prayer for Whitney as God prepares her and equips her to do the work she’s been called to do.