Fun School Stuff

It is Spirit Week at Holy Name School. They have had Hawaiian day:

Today was Crazy Hat and Sock Day (with green or white shirts and blue jeans).
This week, all Holy Name students from Pre-K to 8th grade had to invent something. Last night, they had an Invention Convention at the school. Jonas thought long and hard about what he would invent. He finally decided that our cat, Simon, needed something to play with. Doesn’t she look bored?

Here is Jonas (not wanting his picture taken), showing off his Cat Tunnel at the Invention Convention.

Here is Simon enjoying her new toy.

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My nephew is the cutest thing ever!!!! I love it! Oh, and I created a blog thing too… it’s ok, adios.

Way to go Jonas! How inventive! It’s true that we’re all scientists and I’m so proud to see that in action! I’m sure that Simon is, too!

The Invention Convention?! That’s just great! I loved the “bored cat” picture.

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