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Gangsta Princesses Go to Church, Too!

While riding to the church from the elementary school yesterday:

4th grade boy: Hey, Ms. Becky, can we paint the church van?

Me: Like you? With paint?

Him: Spray paint.

Me: I’ll see if I can get approval for that.

5th grade girl: We should take it to Exhibit in California and let him pimp it out!

(Does it make me really old since I don’t know who Exhibit is? Does it make me not quite as old if I understand the phrase “pimp it out?”)

4th grade boy: Yeah, it can be the Gangsta van!

5th grade girl: Maybe he can put 50 Cent on the hood.

2nd grade girl: NO. We need it to be a Princess van.

5th grade girl: Maybe we can put 50 Cent AND Cinderella on the hood…

Me: I’ll see if I can get approval for that.

(That’s the great thing about working in a Presbyterian Church! We have a committee for everything! Anytime a kid asks if we can do something, I don’t have to say ‘no.’ I can just say, “I’ll see if I can get approval for that.” Works practically every time!)

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That’s awesome! I adore that kids so often forsake the possibility of their visions being unrealistic. It shows they still know how to think BIG and outside of the box!

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