August 4, 2006

Jonas put a red crayon in the pocket of his BRAND NEW uniform pants yesterday. Jason, because he’s a prince of a man who does laundry without me having to ask him to do it, washed Jonas’ shorts yesterday afternoon. He then proceeded to put them in the dryer.

He brought them to me this morning with a “huh?” look on his face. The shorts were covered in red blotches. It was bad. It took me a bit to determine what the red stains were and when I realized it was crayon I almost cried. Those things are expensive.

Long story short: I sprayed the shorts with WD40, washed them in hot water, and voila! No more crayon stains.

I was just happy and wanted to share 🙂

2 responses to Genius!

  1. Way to be a “thinker”! As I’m studying right now in my master course, you are a “self-directed” person! You use past knowledge and creativity to solve problems that arise in your everyday life. You have skills that will help you to succeed in life beyond the classroom! (Laureate Education, 1996)

    Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (1996). Helping students become self-directed learners. [Video recording]. Los Angeles: Author

    (LOL…I’ve been doing homework this morning. Can you tell?)

  2. OH! I promise I didn’t do this intentionally, but I neglected to mention that I used my “Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean” book to figure out what to do! I got that book on a recommendation of our dear, clean friend Stephanie. It has a section on kids’ stains and getting crayon out of fabric was in there.

    I guess I didn’t mention it b/c the simple story was getting too long. I wanted share but didn’t figure you all wanted every single little detail! 🙂