Geocache Adventures II

20121009-121358.jpgOn Monday, Jonas and I grabbed his friend Chris and one of our church’s 20somethings, Robert, and spent the afternoon together. I thought I’d share the pictures, but this will be the last post about this topic for a few weeks anyway, as this was our last chance to try geocaching before Jonas leaves for his Mom’s house and I leave for Montreat (next week. Yes, again.).

We looked for 10, we found 8. One church, two restaurants, one convenience store, a bus stop, two county owned buildings, one former movie theatre (those are the ones we found). We also walked backed to the Spring Hill Cemetery, where Samuel Hopkins (father of Henderson) and possibly Lucy Audbon (John James’ daughter) is buried. Unfortunately, we did not find that cache. And we spent about 10 minutes behind a strip mall searching for a cache and pondering the clue: “Lincoln would have loved it.” We haven’t found that one–yet.

Anyway, here are the pictures I took on Monday!