God is good and camp is OVER!

Well, we had campers at 4 different camp sessions this summer and it is all over! I made the trip to and from Kum Ba Ya 6 times this summer (with other helpful people making the trip the two times I couldn’t go). All of our campers had fun and meaningful experiences as they grew closer to God and had a really good time.

It’s hard to believe that there are just about 2 weeks left before school starts! Where did the time go?

Looking Ahead:

Youth Council Meeting August 11-12 in Hop-Town

All Church Camp September 8-10 at (where else?) Kum Ba Ya

Youth Group Fall Retreat in Nags Head, NC October 7-14. I need chaperones! Vacation on the beach with 12 teenagers: It doesn’t get better than that! Retreat Name: Hoodooyusaim? We’ll be examining Jesus’ question to his Disciples (in case you’re not caffeinated yet: “Who Do You Say I Am?”).

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