Good Morning, Blogosphere! (no, say it again–like Robin Williams)

August 8, 2007

So, it’s definitely Wednesday morning and I definitely am sitting at my desk in my office drinking a diet coke–which “they” told us not to drink because of the heat index and the problem with caffeine causing dehydration.

Jonas is having a good week at school so far. His only bummer was that he failed his AR test this morning (accelerated reader), but it was a really hard book and it was worth 13 AR points and normally his books are worth 1/2 a point or 1 point. He got 50%, though, so it could have been worse. I just hope he doesn’t worry about it too much today.

We had our first after school club on Monday. For the first day, we had 14 kids–that’s huge, actually. Usually the first day is not very well attended. Most of them are returning from last year, but we do have five new kids signed up this year so far. Now is the tricky time where I try to get the parents to turn in their registration forms, make sure the school knows that they are riding with me in the afternoons, and make sure we have the necessary materials to keep everyone safe and happy.

Yesterday was the first Brownie meeting. We have six girls returning to Troop 981 this year… and things did not go well yesterday. They were wild, didn’t want to listen, and paid almost no attention. I did learn that if they were president, they would either make all of the boys fall in love with them (does that really start this early now?) or “let all the nursing home people out and give them all gifts.”

We did have “kittengate” at the end of our meeting. One of the moms came to the meeting with two kittens and told the girls she was giving them away. So all of the girls started calling their mothers to ask if they could have kittens. I’m sure they were thrilled. One of the girls told the kitten mom that she could have the kittens and that her mom was on the way. So the kitten mom went home to get the litter box, etc. and left the kittens with Troop 981. Well, the kitten mom brought all the stuff back in time for the other mom to get to the church to pick up her daughter.

Now, do you think that this mom had actually said that yes, they would take two kittens home?

NO. She had not said that.

So kittengate erupted in the hallway outside of the gym. The kitten mom was upset that she had gone all the way home to get the stuff and that now the Humane Society was closed and she was not getting rid of the kittens yesterday! The other mom was upset that her daughter had told everyone that she was taking the kittens home.

Oy. If only we had been working on our conflict resolution badge…

2 responses to Good Morning, Blogosphere! (no, say it again–like Robin Williams)

  1. Kitten mom should have known better! You always talk to the other mom yourself; never take the word of a cat-wanting child. I’m childless and even I know that!

  2. I know that too, and I hadn’t been so overwhelmed with children and kittens, I probably would have had the sensibility to point that out to kitten mom before she left to get all the things. And then kittengate could have been avoided!