Gulfport or Bust

June 25, 2006

Well, we made it! Right now I’m sitting in the hallway at the Westminster Presbyterian Church of Gulfport, MS, watching it storm outside while I try to get a stronger Wi-Fi connection. For some reason, at this time I cannot access my yahoo photos page. As soon as I can, the pictures we are taking will be posted HERE

We are sleeping in some “wonderful” outdoor accommodations called PODS. They are small and we are sleeping very closely, but they are places where we have shelter and a bed. We have three of them, so all of the teenage girls are in one, all of the teenage boys are in another, and the 9 adults are in the third. The beds are ply-wood bunks separated by about an inch of space and some wooden slats that stick up and keep you from rolling over on your neighbor.

They look like this:

Today, we went to worship. From our group, Walt, Evonda, Harrison, Courtney, Jessica, and Cheryl sang in the church choir. After church, we went to Walmart, then to lunch, then to drive along the coast to see some of the damage up close. Now we are back at the church, trying to rest before dinner at 6:00.

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