Today some of the youth group girls and I went to see Hairspray. BJ, one of the many talented students I am glad to know, was in the cast. Hairspray is an awesome, important musical about a plus-sized young heroine who believes she can do anything she wants–including integrate a popular teenage dance show in 1960s New England. BJ and the entire cast did a terrific job.

This scene opens Act 2, after all of the characters have been put in jail–for protesting, for fighting the protesters, for just being on the scene. Out of all the scenes, this was the one BJ was most excited about performing–and whenever we would talk about what she was doing in her spare time, rather than say “rehearsal” we would say “your time in the slammer.”

I know that she’ll enjoy having her time back and get ready for her next adventure…but we all know what it’s like when something wonderful and exciting ends.