November 1, 2007

So here are two pictures I took during Trick or Treating yesterday:

This was our usual view of Jonas and the three boys who were with us (Jason’s nephews and their cousin). Mostly the adults were there to watch traffic and point at the houses where people were home while they ran all over the place.

Jonas was Batman.

All month, he’s been planning to be a “Window Washer.” It was completely his idea. Of course, we thought it was cute and we helped get a costume ready (His Durham Window Cleaning Shirt, a tool belt, squeegees, rags, a DWCS hat, etc.).

Then on Monday night, he declared he was not going to be a window washer because that’s an “idiotic costume.” So we tried to help him come up with other ideas. He declared all of our ideas “stupid.” He threw a fit and got sent to bed early. There was more drama than that, but basically we told him that he was on his own to figure it out since he had rejected our suggestions and offers to help. We knew he had a Batman Costume at his mom’s house, so she got that ready for him and he brought it to school on Wednesday. It seemed like a solution to a problem that was getting very old and obnoxious.

10 minutes before Trick or Treating, as we’re walking to the truck after school he says, “Becky, I know what I want to be for Halloween now. A cowboy.” LOL. Because I always carry a cowboy costume with me…So he got dressed in his Batman costume and all was well.

Then later, we’re walking on the street and he said, “I should have been Jesus.”


Halloween is over and I’m glad.