Happy Anniversary Part II

Sorry, girls! He’s taken!

He suprised me with a cake! It was actually good, despite (and I quote) “well, we only had two eggs, but it was supposed to have 3 so I just added extra milk. Also, you were supposed to add a stick of butter, but we didn’t have sticks so I just added a few spoons of Country Crock–didn’t really know how much would be a stick.” LOL!

He’s a prince, for sure.

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Now THAT is love!!! Go Jason!

Niklas has learned really well one of the key ways to show me love. Case in point: Yesterday he made me some homemade chocolate sauce for my ice cream!

Hey just a little tip. I never use eggs or butter in my cake anymore. I take the mix and mix it with 12 oz of sprite, diet sprite, pineapple soda, which ever I have on hand and it cooks up just as good if not better than with the eggs and butter. It is actually a weight watcher recipe. I usually use diet sprite or that pineapple soda (walmart brand) and buy a couple cans of pineapple and use that as my icing . It is really awesome. Anyway I just thought i would give you that tip. It looks like you had a very nice anniversary. I am glad for you.

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