Help Me!

My new Co-Leader for Troop 981 wants to take the girls camping! A lot!

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I’m glad you think so! We’re coming to the Linville Observatory–why that’s closer to you! Why don’t you join us? I mean, what fun we’ll have!


Camping with little girls??? My only memory of that is that one girl puked on the hike and one girl peed in her pants in her sleeping bag. And one girl broke out in hives, and one had some sort of allergic reaction to a bee sting.

That’s all that I remember. Nothing more!

Wow, Katie!

You’re really good at making me feel better. That’s exactly the help I was soliciting! I’m signing you up for our big camp out, too!


Let me clarify…We could go to the observatory, not camping. I HATE camping! I am not envious of you in that AT ALL!

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