Henderson Christmas Parade

December 8, 2008

The Henderson Christmas Parade was on Saturday. It was about 30 degrees (F) and we were FROZEN, but it was a lot of fun to participate. Gary Thomas, Ginny Floyd, Ann Hodge, Jason Durham, David Beshear and I worked on the details of the float and the kids showed up in their costumes ready to ride.
Jac was a sheep, Michael was a cow and Sam was the donkey.

Adam was our Joseph and Molly was our Mary. And of course, there’s Jesus!

Shepherds Tolliver and Jasper
Shepherd Hannah got a little bored, so she practiced some tricks with her shepherd’s crook.I don’t think the Angel of the Lord was quite so “hands on” but Jo was just trying to get her message across.

Magi Lauren and Grace (Tess was somewhere else)

We had to wait a long time and we got a little restless! I think we left a pile of hay all over the street from all that was thrown from the float.

Jason’s truck pulled the float! Once we got going, it went so fast!