The New Orleans missionaries are home.

I slept for 10 hours.

Jason and I have done tons of laundry (he and Jonas spent the week at Boy Scout Camp).

I am sipping coffee, skipping church and playing with the pictures I took on my new camera. If you think I posted a lot of pictures (to facebook) this week (an even 100–so easy with the iphone app to post them as I took them or post them on the church’s wifi while my phone was charging at the end of the work day…although 100 is a lot of pictures to post, even for me.), just wait until you see the ones that haven’t posted yet. I”ll share some of them here…like this picture of a terrified youth director holding an alligator that the swamp guide assured me does bite and would pee on me.

It was an exciting week. I worked in a warehouse with recovering addicts sorting clothes that they would sell at their thrift store. I spent an afternoon with children at a day camp in the inner city. I sat with Alzheimer’s patients at a nursing home and listened to stories and held hands and encouraged students who felt ill-at-ease to do the same. I worked at Louisiana’s biggest food bank. I scraped and painted doors at Rabouin High School in downtown New Orleans. I prayed. I ate beignets in the French Quarter. I worshiped at an African American charismatic church. I drove through the lower ninth ward.

And the students did even more than that.

I planned, readjusted plans, made rules, relaxed rules, took equal amounts of complaining and loving words, answered about 1000 questions and slept for about 30 hours all week.

It was a full week and an amazing mission trip. I’d go again tomorrow.

But for now, my world starts to return to normal. It’s Sunday morning and Father’s Day. I plan to spend most of today off my feet and hang out with one of the coolest dads I know (and call the other coolest dad I know later).