Home For the Holidays

Our church had a combined worship service and luncheon yesterday. It was wonderful to see so many of our members in one place! Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent, so it was sort of a new year’s party for the church. We were blessed with beautiful music (2 harpists played together, the adult choir and children’s choir sang, and the congregation sang out loud), a worshipful gathering, and great food!

The ladies hard at work.

Willie Ann and a great big knife.

The choir warming up.

The ladies put a lot of work into setting up for 168 people.

The luncheon after church.

The front of the sanctuary with the addition of two harps, which were played by Jubalate Duo.

Reverend Wally Renner, our preacher for the day.

The children’s choir singing in the service.

The children’s choir and a men’s quartet sang at the luncheon.

The children, age 3-9 in children’s church (and my 2 middle school helpers). Stripes are in this year, by the way.
Jason and Evonda.

3 thoughts on “Home For the Holidays”

  1. …my favorite picture of course being…..WILLIE ANN AND HER GREAT BIG KNIFE.

    That brightened my otherwise dreary day! Good ole’ Willie Ann!

    (sometimes i REALLY miss America!)

    (no, there are no Willie Anns here)

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