Hooray for Hennyfair’s Haven!

November 3, 2005

Hennyfair’s Haven is online 🙂 I’m so glad that Jenny Hayes is finally blogging! I dedicate this post to her 🙂

Jenny, I wonder if Freddy (Hennyfair! What kind of a name is Hennyfair?!) will find your blog 🙂 I also wonder if it will be viewed by Eugenia Harris (of the famed gerbil story), the Mayor of Carbon, or Robin (who may or may not be in the nest along with noodle who may or not be in the pot). I imagine that there will be many people who will gain comfort from your blog–people who obsessed with Bounce dryer sheets, people who fear puffy stickers, people who hate feet.

I’m sure, actually, that we’ll all enjoying reading your blog 🙂

5 responses to Hooray for Hennyfair’s Haven!

    Anyone walking past my classroom right now surely thinks I’ve lost it! Especially the Eugenia Harris thing! LOL Hm…I wonder what nest Robin is in these days? Thanks for the dedication and the best laugh I’ve had since, well, I think April 15th, 2005. Thanks!!! I’ll write you a poem or song of thanks shortly.

  2. A poem or a song of thanks? Well, I would say that isn’t ncessary, but I would hate to quench the creative fires. Who knows what you could create?

  3. Becky, that dedication is verifiable proof that you and jenny have been friends for a long, long time. I have know Jenny for a long time now and the only inside joke I got was the statement about feet.

  4. For many a day and many a night,
    I’ve been forlorn, a dreadful site.
    Then came along a wamr, kind word from funny bird(poop) named Becky that left me feeling all happy and peppy!
    But, perhaps best of all are the memories shared of days spent laughing, disco dancing, and together in prayer.
    Yet, still, above all else, is the constant refrain, of those poetic words so often adored of, none other than, CORN IN THE MORN!

  5. Now I’m laughing out loud 🙂 It makes me realize how much I miss my daily dose of Jenny and how glad I am that she’s blogging 🙂

    Let’s hope this goes better than her web page Junior year…