I’m not really a post all my business online kind of girl, so I kind of struggle with this. I knew I wasn’t going to go facebook with it, but I think of my blog readers as a community of beloved, loving friends (there aren’t that many of you) who do sometimes pray for me and usually encourage me.

After about 8 very difficult hours in the Deaconess Gateway ER this afternoon, my mom’s been admitted to Deaconess Hospital. I left her in her new room about 10:00 tonight and came back home. I’ll return there tomorrow.

Pray for her, her doctors and her daughter, please.

I’m grateful for Rev. John and Pam, who arrived when I was just about to lose it to provide coffee, a warm jacket (for me–it was freezing in the ER) and some humor and prayer. I’m also grateful for Jason, Carly, Jeff, Jeff’s fiance (Stefanie) and Jenny, who got a barrage of random text updates and phone calls all day because I really just needed someone to tell things to.

I’ll update here tomorrow. Thanks for praying.

UPDATE: (2:30 pm). Still in hospital. No improvement. No news. Unleashed my assertive side and spoke up about trouble with hospital staff and they stepped up their game.

Seeing some of the ugly side of our broken healthcare system, by the way, crappy hospital staff aside.

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  1. I know exactly what you're talking about and I'm sorry you have to experience it!
    Hope your mom's on the mend.

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