Much like expectant parents often wait until the second trimester to share their good news with anyone outside of the closest friends and family, we’ve been waiting to share news too.

We’re in the process of buying a house.

This House:

We looked at it a couple of months ago and decided it wasn’t for us. Then we looked at about 20 other houses and decided to look at it again. That time we decided that it was for us. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a fenced in backyard and lots of character.

There are several steps in buying a house:

1. The offer is accepted (it was!)

2. The loan paperwork is filled out and processed (in the processing phase right now!)

2b. Fill out even more loan paperwork.

2c. Fill out even more loan paperwork and surrender every document that has ever existed with your name on it.

2d. Fill out even more loan paperwork and two bags with your blood.

2e. Fill out even more loan paperwork and surrender naming rights for your next two children or pets

3. The house is inspected (passed with flying colors!)

4. The house is appraised (ours appraised for more than our loan amount, so we’re good!)

5. Something with the Title (I have no idea, but we’re not there yet.)

6. Closing (scheduled now for March 27 initially…on track to happen sooner.)

7. Moving (hey, what are you doing on March 28…or sooner?)

So, we’re in the middle of all that process. The seller is mostly moved from the house, so we should possess it at closing. We’ve looked at it three times now and we still love it.

Note: We have the best real estate agent in the business (Kathy Jackson at Remax).

Your prayers are appreciated as we continue to hold our breath and wait to sign our names for the final time!