How Sweet The Sound?

February 21, 2010

Sam is 8 years old. His family usually attends the 8:30 service and they have attended that service for most of Sam’s life. Our 8:30 service is our more contemporary offering with guitars and a keyboard and a worship team.

Sam also attends Sunday School after the 8:30 service. Usually his class meets upstairs, but because of some last minute creative scrambling by Sam’s Youth Director (yours truly), his class was meeting downstairs in the art room.

As he was sitting, working on his project along with everyone else he stopped. He craned his neck and his eyes got big. “Ms. Becky, who died?”

I looked around the room (you know, just to make sure I hadn’t missed something major) and out into the gym and finally opened my ears and heard the very familiar sound of the organist warming up for the 10:30 service. “OH! Do you mean because you hear the organ?” I asked. Sam nodded.

Of course, I assured him that no one had died, but I had to laugh as I thought about how he connected the sound of the church organ with someone’s death.

It’s the first Sunday of our Lenten journey! I hope you’re finding God’s blessings in unexpected places today.

2 responses to How Sweet The Sound?

  1. As a lifelong church organist I don't know what to say other than that a lot of organists are dying too!

    One particular reason I like to play the organ with ALL THE STOPS open at times so people will wake up and not think they are dying in church listing to the pipe organ.

  2. I have spent most of my life with organ accompaniment. It was interesting to realize that there are kids in our church who have hardly ever heard it played! We probably need to do something about that so they don't forever equate organ music with death…