I am locked out

December 2, 2005

I went to volunteer at Jonas’ school this morning and I guess that I forgot my set of keys that open doors. I have three sets of keys: My car key/mailbox key; My keys that open doors; and my nearly useless keys that I only need once in a long while. I had my car key set so I could get to where I was going, but I forgot my keys that open doors and in the meantime Jason went to work and I got locked out! Thank goodness that he’s leaving work at 5:00 to come home to get ready to take Jonas climbing at Vertical Escape! I went to the church and was able to get in because one of the ladies that works in the offices upstairs came down and let me in.

And the most exciting thing of all is that 5 years ago, I anticipated this moment! I knew that some day I would be locked out of my office and would need to have a spare master key somewhere. So I found a super-secret hiding place and got one of those key boxes and hid an extra key. Well, after Phyllis let me in, I went to my super secret location and found the key exactly where I left it. That was exciting enough on its own, but I was just really glad to find it. I’ll return it after I find my real set of keys at home. I know that they are there somewhere because I let myself in yesterday afternoon after work.

Yes, it would be easier to have only one set of keys, but then that one set of keys would be REALLY HEAVY. And no, I will not tell you where my super secret place is.

Anyway, I’m hanging out at the church until I can get into my house! I guess there’s always some more work to do!

2 responses to I am locked out

  1. As you have been so delightfully doing, I shall tie your blog to a memory of the past….Do you remember a certain situation w/ a guy in a towel being locked out of his room? “You are SO fine!”
    That kid was so goofy!

  2. Yes, of course I remember “so fine” guy. Ha! That was a funny one!