I am sick

November 9, 2005

But at least I’m still alive and still have a house and around here, that’s enough of a reason to be thankful. Anyway the “microbes” that are invading my body and making me sneeze and cough are the reason I haven’t really blogged.

I have been blessed by getting to talk to some old friends in the past couple of days who are calling to make sure that we’re all okay in our little house on Old Madisonville Road in Henderson. Of course, we’re fine, as is everyone in Henderson County (although some have had some damage in their homes). At the Durham house, we slept right through the bad weather early Sunday morning. I guess we’re really lucky that our area wasn’t affected. I think we should get a weather radio.

Anyway, I’m watching the Tornado Relief Telethon and coughing the night away. I skipped church tonight, I’m sorry to report. I am in the worst part of this cold, and hated to sneeze and cough all over everyone. It’s bad enough being around the children I work with, but I would hate to cause any of our elderly members to become ill.

One response to I am sick

  1. I hope you feel better soon! I shall pray for you….In Jesus name I speak death over the bacteria and/or viruses that have taken residence in Becky’s body. Amen

    By the way, I’ll be down in Evansville this weekend. If you have any free time on Saturday maybe we could have us a little visit!