I Am…

November 12, 2009


The children made placemats for Matthew 25’s World AIDS Day service last night. Our church is hosting this service as well as a dinner for the community before. The chaplain at Matthew 25 asked me to have the children make placemats that went along with their theme for World AIDS Day which is “I Am…”

I love this kind of assignment because children are so creative. I basically just told them the theme and then let them come up with whatever they could.

I Am God’s Child
I am Cuddly
I’m Jumping to GodLive Your Life

I Am Happy

I Am Alive
I Am Very Very Very Bright

(another) I Am Alive

I am Peaceful
And as kids are prone to do, a couple of them didn’t exactly follow the assignment. Here is Jac’s potential entry for the Turkey Trot Logo Contest. Notice that not only is this picture amazing, but the turkey is pulling our Christmas Parade float which has both a nativity and a tree.

And, well, I’m not sure Michael understood the spirit of the assignment.

I am seasick.

And Adam won the contest for who can wear the most stickers!