I Can Only Keep Five Things

While looking through writing prompts the other night, this one caught my attention:

“You can only keep five things you have. What will they be?”


Note: I’m not counting clothing. If I counted clothing, that would be all five things.
1. My laptop. I need to write and a laptop is a bit more versatile than pen and paper (two items, by the way). I use my laptop to write, to keep in touch with all of my much loved friends and to do my job.
2. My phone. Yes, I know, that’s two tech things and nothing sentimental. But I use my phone to talk to people, read my Bible, keep up with what’s going on, listen to music, read on my Kindle app, take pictures, play games and watch movies.
3. My wedding album. None of our wedding photos are online (we were married BF–Before Facebook–and before we owned a digital camera and before our photographer offered digital proofs) and it was a beautiful day and I love that album.  So many of our family photos since then are in online albums, although Jason has printed and organized all of them as well, but our wedding pictures are just in that book for now.
4. My adorable gym bag from ThirtyOne.  I love it and it carries a change of clothing for me every day so I can either change to go to the gym in the afternoon or change after I workout in the gym in the morning. It’s so easy to pack and carry (and did I mention that it’s adorable?). Packing it the night before makes my day easier.
Oh my gracious this is hard. I just looked at my husband and exclaimed: “I can only keep five items!” Thinking it was perhaps a real problem, he showed the appropriate amount of alarm and replied, “I have no idea what that means!”
My car? A book I love? My sock monkey? The coffee maker? My rings? My eighth grade journal? The nail polish I hope Avon never discontinues? My awesome hot pink mission trip flashlight? I am so glad that this is just a writing exercise and not an actual decision I need to make–because I’m pretty sure I’d dump my gym bag for my car.
5. My jewelry box. I’ve had this jewelry box since fifth grade and I have kept all sorts of items in it through the years: the above-mentioned journal, various pictures and newspaper clippings, poetry I’ve written, lots of jewelry, petals from my wedding bouquet, keepsakes Jonas gave me. It has a lock on it, which was handy when I was a teenager–I had to pick the lock when I unpacked it from a box after college.
So, you can only keep five items, too. What are they?

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