I Guess We’re Crazy…

November 9, 2006

What I’m about to say is apparently shocking. Although I’m not so shocked and I imagine that most of my blog friends won’t either.

We don’t have cable. And we don’t have satellite. We have an antennae on top of our television. We get like 7 channels and 3 of them are really fuzzy.

And we’re still alive.

Listen, if you have cable or satellite—fine with me! I don’t think you’re evil for having it. I don’t think it’s wrong to watch TV. I watch a fair amount myself. But for us, it just wasn’t worth it. We don’t much care for the cartoons on the kid’s channels and Jonas would rather play with toys than watch TV. We also have better places to spend our money. Apparently, however, this is very countercultural.

See, in the past week, I have had two similar conversations with satellite sales people. Here’s the first one:

Him: This is blah blah from Dish Network.

Me: I’m not interested in Dish Network.

Him: Why not?

Me: Because we don’t want satellite.

Him: Well, who is your current carrier?

Me: We don’t have one.

Him: Well, who provides your cable?

Me: We don’t have cable…or satellite.

Him: Well, what do you have?

Me: We have an antennae.

Him: A what?

Me: You know…it goes on top of your TV. Helps the channels come in.

Him: Ew.


Then tonight, we had a call from DirecTV. I decided to be a bit more direct:

Me: Hello?

Him: Hi! I’m looking for Mary Doo-rAm! (That’s how he said it.)

Me: I guess that’s me.

Him: This is John with DirecTV.

Me: Oh, we’re not interested!

Him: Why not?

Me: We don’t have satellite…or cable.

Him: You don’t! Why not?

Me: We’d rather not have it. It’s not really something we want to spend our money on.

Him: We have a great deal.

Me: No thanks. We don’t really watch TV.

Him: Well, what do you do, then? (I’m not making this up—you can ask Jason. He actually asked what we do besides watch cable)

Me: You know…we go to the park and play board games…

Him: (shocked) Board GAMES?!?

Me: Yes. Actual board games.

Him: But we have a family pack!

Me: I don’t want a family pack. I think the board games are better.

Him: But the family pack has cartoon channels.

Me: (sigh) Surely you can’t think that it would be better for kids to watch TV?

Him: But it’s a FAMILY pack.

Me: Thanks anyway.

You think I’m trying to be funny again. I am not exaggerating.

Are we strange? (Please, only answer that in the context of this blog.) I don’t know. But I do know that right now Jonas is playing with a huge box of legos that he has dumped all over the living room floor. He is a great reader, he loves to play outside, and he has a vivid imagination. He does watch some TV when he’s with us—just not all the time!

So back off Dish network/DirecTV guys who call me while we’re eating dinner together!

5 responses to I Guess We’re Crazy…

  1. HA! Those phone conversations were funny!

    We didn’t have a TV for a year and a half when we first got married, and people just couldn’t believe it. Now we do have a TV, and get like 9 channels or so, whilst everyone else gets 1,486 channels and still can’t find anything to watch!

    In fact, I know 2 couples here in Sweden who don’t own TVs (one of which has a 4 year-old daughter) and I know at least 2 couples in the US who don’t own one.

    I bet you can’t find too many people who know 4 couples who don’t own TVs!!!!

  2. Last night, we were playing Cranium Cadoo before Jonas went to bed. He said, “Quick! Call the TV guy and tell him we’re playing a BOARD GAME! Tell him, ‘Games are fun, TV’s dumb!'” LOL.

  3. PRAISE GOD. My Dad has a huge TV doo-hickey. He watches so much tv it scares me. I am addicted to Numb3rs so I am delighted he has it, but I could live without it. I have actually thought when I move out I will avoid getting a tv. I usually spend my time flipping channels to find something to watch. I never land on something worthy of my time. TV as Jonas said is really dumb. There is little to stimulate the mind. You are not strange. I think a better word is set apart.

  4. It won’t be long, though, and we won’t need televisions at all! After all, you can watch all of the major network’s TV shows in their entirety without commercials on their websites…well, I suppose you could if you had a high speed connection. For me, it’s just a theory. Plus, you can pick and choose shows A La Carte on Itunes–from like every cable and major network.

    There’s even a plan in the works to allow people to watch brand new movies on their computers the day they come out.

    Kids, before long, we won’t need to leave our houses for anything! Already, we can order pizza, groceries, pharmacy stuff, pet supplies, books, and anything else we could ever want online. There are even mobile car washes that come to your house to wash your car, mobile veterinarians or pet groomers who come to your home to take care of your animals, mobile paper shredders, mobile gyms, mobile whatever you can think of!

    So basically we could all just stay in our homes and never come out and still have everything we need or want…except for each other.

    I think this is another rant…

  5. Rant away!

    I found that when I didn’t have TV I didn’t need TV. Now that I have free cable I have it on all the time. Of course, it is the only social interaction I have most days! Ha! So sad. I would go crazy without the TV, but my situation is much different than all of yours. Anyway, I can understand what ya mean. If I had people I’d never watch TV, I don’t think. But I loved your conversations! Too, too funny! Just shows you how screwed up our priorities are (as a society, I mean).