I *heart* fall!

September 30, 2005

Fall is here! It’s a pretty, cool day and I love it! It reminds me of the day I met my husband, Jason. It was October 14, 2000. It was a cool, sunny day and I went to Audubon Park. He was there and tried this marvelous pick up line on me: “What’cha reading?”

Today starts the Fall Festival at Holy Name (Jonas’ school). Tomorrow, I’m working for two hours at the silent auction booth and three hours at the Red Beans and Rice booth. Tonight, we’re going for fun–they have rides and games and food. We’re going to pick my mom up because she wants to come with us. Plus, she has money. Just kidding. 😉

Except for all of the housework, today is a pretty laid back day. I took one of our dogs for a walk this morning, but it’s been awhile since we practiced walking on the leash and she dragged me all over. I need to retrain her. Our other dog, Sam, hates walking on a leash. He lays down when you clip it to his collar. I’m going to volunteer in Jonas’ classroom in about an hour. That’s always fun for both Jonas and I. His teacher, Mrs. Tweddell, has been so wonderful for him. Jonas has always been blessed with wonderful, loving, Christian teachers.

Enjoy the day!