Ice Event

We had an ice event in Henderson/Western Kentucky. In the above picture, you will see our power line lying across our fence. We lost power on Tuesday night (January 27) and have been without it ever since.

eJason packed up our stuff so we could move when it was possible.

Grandma Jane came to stay with us–she didn’t have power either, but it was a lot more fun at our house!

It’s dark in the house, but the flash was on. Jonas is reading by head lamp.

We were ALL cold!
During the day, Jonas kept busy.

Several masterpieces were created.

Eventually, Mom got her power back and we all went to her house! I’ll post some more pictures later!

2 thoughts on “Ice Event”

  1. Sorry for the ice, we got all snow up here (10″)
    Hope normal restores soon.

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