If The Internet Disappeared

I’ve read the Hunger Games series, and one of the thing that intrigues me about the post-apocalyptic world described in the story is the lack of mention of the conveniences we’ve come to enjoy so easily (at least in the districts of Panem).

One of the things that is missing is the Internet.

Now, the internet has only been in the general public’s consumption for about two decades (hey, geeks–don’t argue. Most of us came in with AOL’s pay by the hour service, not BitNET). I was first introduced to it on my second day at UE in 1996. That’s where I got my first email address (mb48! UE had no use for our full names, just our initials) and learned how to chat. I even made a super-fly webpage that I could actually now provide a link to so you can marvel at my use of font graphics, html code and cheesy stock photos–we were far from the days of me being able to upload pictures of the actual people involved.

Yes–I could provide a link because currently in another window in my browser I’m looking at it. I think they promised me when I signed up that if I didn’t make any changes to it for a year, it would get deleted. I kind of wish they would delete it since it’s been TWELVE years. I was an interesting college sophomore…I won’t provide a link because I feel like that would be pretty embarrassing and the basic idea of the page is that I love Jesus and html code.

Anyway–what if all of a sudden the internet disappeared?

I would never be able to take long trips again because I would have no idea how to get there or how long it would take. In my adult life, I’ve never had to plan a trip without Rand Mcnally’s software or Mapquest or Google Maps.

Also, how would I find and book hotels? How do you do that without the internet? I mean, I could manage going to a hotel and asking if they have rooms, but how would I book a room for a trip? SERIOUSLY–I’m asking you.

Without the internet, I would never know who was in a movie until the credits roll. Or how long it will be until the credits roll. (Yes, I’m guilty of googling a movie mid-way through just to see how much longer I’ll have to sit through it.)

How would I communicate with all my BFF’s and keep up with their lives? Phone calls and mail, I guess. I’m pretty bad at both though. It’s only because I excel at Facebook and email that I still have friends.

Where would I buy my books? The bookstores keep closing! Wait…

I would miss my blog and writing in an online format. I’ve never been great at pen and paper writing or journaling.

I would also miss Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Pinterest and Netflix. But not Myspace or Google+ or my college webpage–I kind of want out of those!

What about you? If the internet disappeared, what would you have to learn to do without it?


2 thoughts on “If The Internet Disappeared”

  1. Wow where could I even begin?

    I too am a crappy friend, and if it weren’t for Facebook and instant messaging would have no one to talk to.

    I am not even sure how I would make it through a day of work.

    I have ditched my ipods and itunes and now use Pandora exclusively (my itunes now resembles a music graveyard).

    Almost all our television is watched on Netflix and Hulu.

    I write and save my stories on Google Documents so I can access them from any computer.

    Like you, I have no idea how I would figure out how to get places.

  2. Fortunatly, I learned at a young age how to read maps. For years, I booked our reservations by telephone. Found cities we wanted to visit in magazine articles. If need be, I could still telephone friends, or simply walk down the street for a visit. Yes, I know how old school all this sounds, but those methods served me well for most my adult live. That being said, I would feel completely lost without the internet. Scary how much we depend upon our techno tools.

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