Ike, Ike, Bo Bike

September 15, 2008

Central Park in downtown Henderson

One of the boat docks at the Henderson Riverfront

We can all be thankful for one thing this morning: We may have other messes to clean up, but these tipped over port-a-potties are not one of them. UGH.

Dollar General was still open!

Gas cost anywhere from $3.89-$4.19 in Henderson this weekend. Except for the Dodge Store which charged $4.69 per gallon all weekend.

We did not have any real damage at our house this time around, but some of our neighbors lost a lot of trees. Many Kentucky schools are closed today, but Henderson really got off easy considering what happened in Owensboro and other places and our kids are in school today.

We were supposed to take the high school kids canoeing yesterday, but we postponed that trip. We thought we’d go to Gattitown in Evansville instead, but as we were driving there a branch feel on the windshield and cracked it pretty good so we turned around and took all of the kids home.

Still, I know we definitely got off easy considering the destruction Ike caused in Texas.