I’m Supposed To Be Sleeping…

July 12, 2007

But that’s not really working out for me.

Today I take trip #2 to Venture River this week (Tues was High School; Today is Middle School). Fortunately, Jason is going with us and he is going to drive the van. He’s sleeping soundly, for the record.

Last night, we had dinner at church and our mission trip presentations. It was a lot of fun. As a bonus, Jenny and Sean both were there for dinner. Then we all came back to our house and talked about our nerd scores, global warming, and a few other random things. Then Sean left, but Jenny stayed because she now lives with us (Jason gave her a key and told her she didn’t have to be homeless anymore–I thought it was hillarious that he waited to give her a key to our house until just weeks before she moves 18 hours away…).

Jonas “entertained” us until about midnight. What that means is that he refused to go to bed and kept reappearing with all sorts of kid tricks–he needed water, something hanging up looked like a mad face and scared him, the couch was uncomfortable, the living room floor was uncomfortable, the kitchen floor was uncomfortable (but at least it was right outside the family room where we were talking so he could hear what we were saying), he had no less than a million questions he needed someone to answer, and how come he had to go to bed but we did not?

This resulted in Jenny and I trying to have a really boring, bland conversation because I was sure it would make him decide that sleep was better than listening to two women talk about the dentist and when each of their grandparents passed away (the attempt at boring conversation became depressing pretty fast). This did not work.

Finally, we all went to bed with Jonas sleeping in between Jason and I because it was “the only comfortable place.” I would like to dispute this claim.

I think I’ll go try to sleeping on the kitchen floor. I hear that it’s way more comfortable than the couch.

One response to I’m Supposed To Be Sleeping…

  1. Ha-ha! I really enjoyed this post because it brought back such wonderful memories from just like 18 hours ago!

    Yeah, you should have asked me about my project last night. I could have bored him to sleep as if we were discussing a Shakespeare play or nuclear power. If only we’d thought of that last night!

    Hope you guys have a fun time!