In Case You Were Worried I Might Be Even A Little Bit Cool

Remember the show “Supermarket Sweep?” No? It was just me watching weird cable game shows when I was 10?

Well, in Supermarket Sweep, contestants were in teams of two. They would answer quiz questions about products and their score would determine their standing in the big game at the end–the Supermarket Sweep!

One player from each team would race through the supermarket, filling his or her cart with any and everything he or she could get in them and then run them back to the register. The other contestant unloaded the cart while the other player was shopping. The team with the highest dollar amount would win the game. The key, really? Knowing which items were expensive. For example, I remember players throwing hams and turkeys into their carts every time.

My point? I would totally win at Supermarket Sweep. First of all, I’m an awesome grocery shopper–I know which things go in which aisles and sections. Second of all, I always spend more money than I think I did (can I get an amen from my husband?). Third, I totally practice every week when I shop for our backpack kids!

(We send backpacks full of food home each weekend with kids at a local elementary school–because some kids don’t have food when they aren’t in school and some kids don’t have parents who meet their needs by feeding them.)

In Supermarket Sweep, you have a limit of 5 of any item. In backpack shopping, I shop in units of 5 (we have 5 backpack kids). It’s perfect! I think about it almost every time I do this shopping, but especially this morning because the store was practically empty and I really wanted to challenge a fellow shopper.

You can catch old episodes online, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.