In The Bushes

Somewhere, some time, someone taught me the “…in the bushes” game. Take a hymnal and add “in the bushes” to end of the names of hymns.

Sounds stupid, but it’s provided hours of entertainment for this punctual church employee who often finds herself waiting in church sanctuaries. Yes, it would be more spiritual to pray, but the truth is, sometimes I just sit and wait (I’m *that* unspiritual). And then I look for something to do, so I pick up the hymnal.

“Great Is Thy Faithfulness…In The Bushes”
“Jesus Loves Me…In The Bushes”
“Fight The Good Fight…In The Bushes”
“Every Time I Feel The Spirit…In The Bushes”

Well, you get the idea. I won’t ruin the rest of the hymnal for you.

Some churches have stopped using hymnals in favor of screens and projected lyrics. In my opinion, one shortcoming of this system is that it makes playing “…in the bushes” pretty tough.

One time, Jason and I were waiting for a tent revival service to start. In an actual tent outside. Someone had brought the church hymnals out to the tent, so we took one and played “…in the bushes.” As we were giggling, an older lady approached us and wondered what we were doing. We told her we were playing “…in the bushes” and then explained.

Her reply? “We always play it as, ‘…under the covers.”

Hooray for church lady humor! Have a great week!