Interesting Things On the Internets

Here are some things that have me fascinated out yonder in cyberspace:

Eco Journey: The Story Of Bottled Water My Lenten water challenge has made me really conscious about water and bottled water. There’s an interesting video contained in this site.

I loved this serious Wednesday post on Stuff Christians Like.

Is adolescence a myth?

Bossy kicked off her No Book Tour. I’m excited about going along for the ride via her blog.

Her posts are often a lot funnier and more inappropriate, but this post by The Bloggess is important and she’s absolutely right.

This sandwich will kill you quicker than most. Seriously, don’t ever eat one of these.

My Mom’s On Facebook No, not my mom. Fun video about what happens when your parents friend you.

Adam McLane takes on picky Christians in one of his latest blog entries. It doesn’t have to be a requirement.

It’s a little sensationalized, but I’ve been watching Jamie Olivers Food Revolution on Hulu. The premise is good and every episode fills me with some mild righteous anger.

The Youtube Music Discovery Project is pretty cool if you just want to listen to music from a certain group. I like to type in “Glee” and listen to songs from the show.

Doubt happens. Jan Edmiston of “A Church For Starving Artists” is confronting it at her church.

Do you have trouble choosing a breakfast cereal? This chart will help.

Dooce (who is sometimes a bit inappropriate, but usually more than a bit funny and thoughtful) went to Washington. Part 1 Part 2