Internet-y Things

Just my occasional list of things that catch my attention on the internet:

There is a group in Henderson (of which I am a part) who want to bring a Big Brothers Big Sisters program to Henderson. Here’s the national website if you want to know more about BBBS.

Are you watching Glee? This past week, they dealt with religious themes. It was maybe what you would expect from such a show…but maybe not.

Mark Oestreicher is quite good at interpreting Scripture for Youth Workers. On his blog, he takes on Psalm 23.

Adam McClane asks hard questions about Moral Therapeutic Deism.

As celebrities an leaders take turns responding to the recent stories of bullying and suicide, John Vest, pastor at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, shares an open letter to Gay Youth.

The Christian Century released a Litany For Children Who Have Died From Bullying.

I don’t get to attend the National Youth Worker’s Convention this year. Here’s some video from the San Diego Conference this past weekend.

Wouldn’t be an internet wrap-up from me if it didn’t include something by Jon Acuff. He covers the basic 19 things you find on Fall Youth Retreats.

Eleven year old Birke Baehr has a lot to say about our nation’s food system.

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I love how Google celebrated John Lennon’s birthday. Here’s the video in case you missed it:

Sunday is 10/10/10. Here is a video about the Power(s) of Ten: