It’s About As Athletic As I Get

When you are in the business of youth ministry, you sometimes just accept embarrassment as a fact of life. Sometimes the job requires some self-deprecating humor, teasing and hijinks from middle school boys, taking the fall for a student who can’t really handle embarrassment and accepting the fact that I need to occasionally put myself into situations where I look like a fool (for the sake of the Gospel, of course).

Sunday night could or could not be one of those embarrassing situations.

We’re meeting another youth group on the mini golf course. The area youth ministers have begun (really just begun since we’re only on round 2) a youth group mini golf competition. The youth from Immanuel Baptist Temple beat the Holy Name of Jesus youth group a few weeks ago. The youth minister at IBT invited the Presby Youth to be the next competitors (he said “victims,” actually). I love this because I love it when we do stuff with other youth groups and it’s such a natural result of several of the area youth ministers meeting weekly for prayer.

The prize is great–The Coveted Silver Driver. I’ve never actually seen the Silver Driver. I’m not sure if I’m expected to genuflect when it’s presented on Sunday night. I’ll look it up…

I used to be awesome at mini golf! I used to have a youth group of mostly boys and they loved to mini golf and we would go all the time. With that group, we broke a couple of mini golf obstacles (seriously, we’re responsible for no more pendulum swinging on the 10th hole at the golf course by Golden Corral), had kids fall in water hazards, were struck by errant golf clubs and golf balls and event bent a club or two. For a short while, there was even an indoor, glow golf course that we loved (black lights, fluorescent tape, etc).

I don’t play so often anymore. We still take the occasional trip to the indoor/outdoor course at Walther’s in Evansville, but that’s about it. In fact, the last time I played was my birthday and I don’t think I did so well–but it was really hot outside.

So Jason and I are going mini golfing tonight! Same course, same time as we’re playing on Sunday night. I’ve got to work on my game! See, my score counts as 1/3 of our team score (along with the highest individual score and the lowest individual score).

I’m calling it a “date” but really, it’s practice. At least it will be date/practice on a really pretty fall night!

So that’s what going on here tonight! Just a small update, but I wanted to update with something. Enjoy the weekend!