It’s sweaty here…

June 27, 2006

Well, day two of work is over for us! We have had groups doing the following things here:

2 groups sheetrocking
1 group at Katrina’s Kitchen–an outdoor soup kitchen that serves about 1,000 people each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner
1 group roofing
and the group I am in which has cleaned up roofing debris, helped clear a trail at a park, and worked on cleaning up a huge pile of trees and sticks that had fallen on a llama farm.

We are really tired when we get back to the church in the afternoons. Our kitchen ladies are doing an awesome job (Valerie Holcomb is our kitchen representative) making sure we have enough things to eat. Basically, we work in the daytime, shower and sit around until dinner, and then have our devotional before bed. And drink water–we drink water constantly! You just sweat so much that you have to keep drinking it. We are absolutely tired of drinking water, but if you don’t you risk heat exhaustion or worse.

Our living arrangements are starting to feel a bit more comfortable, but I think we all miss our beds which we will NEVER take for granted EVER again.

Feel free to leave us comments! I’ll share them with the group 🙂

And don’t forget to check out our pictures! Click HERE.

4 responses to It’s sweaty here…

  1. Hey Becky Birdpoop (share that with your youngin’s! LOL) I just caught up readin’ your posts. You all are in my prayers. I hope that you are having a great time, but most of all that you are allowing yourselves to be Jesus to that community. I am also praying that God will move in the life of your youth radically as they are His hands and feet. Keep on hammerin’! 🙂

    P.S. Little Lucy Ladybug would be proud of ya all. 😉

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