I’ve started to post several times…

But I never have time to finish!

Life is full of good things, that’s for sure! (That’s the positive spin of “I’m sooooo busy!”).

We’ve been enjoying all sorts of activities and events. I think things are due to slow down in the next week and then we have fall break–a whole week off!

The bad news is that at the end of that week off, our beloved interim pastor will leave us to accept a call at a church in the Atlanta area. I’m excited for what the future holds for him and for our church, which should call our next pastor very soon.

Jonas is keeping busy with school and cub scouts. We’re so proud of him because he’s doing very well in school and not getting into any trouble! He’s really growing up…but not too quickly!

We survived his school’s fall festival this past weekend. I was in charge of the prize counter, which meant I had to sort prizes, set up the “booth,” recruit volunteers to work it, work it myself, and clean up. Whew! But it was really a lot of fun.

Yesterday, we had our pinning ceremony for our Brownie troop. It’s always a pretty big deal each year.

Today, I helped set up for dinner tonight (our custodian’s on vacation), prayed with one of my youth minister friends, ran some errands and had after school club.

This weekend is our yard sale. Enough said.

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  1. Glad to know you’re still alive! I was about to send out a search party and alert the Today Show to get some media coverage on the case!

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