Jason, the Super Husband

June 18, 2007

When God gave me a husband, he blessed me way more than I deserve.

Not only was the house in perfect condition when I came home (not a dish to do, not a stitch of clothing to wash or fold, etc), but he had worked on several projects during the week.

For example, he gave our deck a new coat of paint.

He had blinds specially made for our big window. Up until this point, we had some sheer curtains, but the blinds will help regulate the temperature and they look nicer.

He installed a new storm door at our back door. We lost the other one to high winds.

And the very best thing he did? He remodeled our utility room bathroom! Look h0w much the cat likes the new sink and vanity. There’s a new mirror, towel racks and toilet. And he painted and chose the border (it has outhouses on it). Also, you can’t see it in the picture, but he also put in a new floor.

What a gift he is!

3 responses to Jason, the Super Husband

  1. Way to go Jason. You are blessed!

  2. Dang! He was busy! How awesome!

  3. Niklas & Katie Lorentzon June 22, 2007 at 3:53 am

    Everything looks GREAT!

    Whatta man!