Joel Lusz: Acquiring and Using Today’s Best Video and Multimedia Resources.

October 30, 2009

First of all, he’s my new BFF, because he started out with this:

“Who has an iPhone? Listen, put an iPhone in your budget. You need an iPhone.”

Will someone please direct the staff support committee of the Presbyterian Church in Henderson, KY to this post? Thanks.

Here are a list of website resources he had for us (um…some of them you have to pay to use, btw):

Stupid Videos

Office Clips

Zamzar (to download youtube clips to your hard drive)

Visual Reality

Igniter Media

Worship House Media

Floodgate Productions

Jay Delp Productions

Wing Clips

Revo Stock


Church Media


Fail Blog

Probably Bad News (btw, the first “story” on this page when I posted this was from 14wfie about Owensboro…)