John 9: The Meeting

(This is part 4 of a four part series on John 9)

Remember, the man had never actually seen Jesus. Jesus applied the mud and sent the man to Siloam, so when Jesus approaches, he wouldn’t have recognized him. “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” Jesus asks.
The man is excited, I’m sure–show me where he is! He had no idea that his miracle worker is before him.
Jesus went looking for the man, and to me, that’s a very important part of this story. The man, who had been tossed aside by his community, all alone in his post-miracle joy, is found by Jesus.

Jesus, who has crowds following him everywhere he goes, went looking for just one guy–a guy he had already helped! When no one else wanted to stand with this man, when no one else wanted to acknowledge him or what this dramatic change in his life really meant, Jesus was there. This one person mattered to Jesus.

No gimmicks, no steps to salvation, no scare tactics. A simple question: Do you believe? A simple answer: Lord, I believe. Jesus’ miracle has changed this man forever…and gotten him exiled from his religious community. But he can see! And he is befriended by Jesus! And he devotes himself to his new Lord through worship.

This man didn’t know Jesus when he woke up that morning. He had no idea that he was going to watch the sun go down that evening with new eyes. It was Jesus who came to him and healed him (healed him before he confessed Jesus as Lord, by the way). It was Jesus who found him later and let him in on the Messianic secret.

That man mattered to Jesus. People matter to Jesus. You matter to Jesus.

I love this story because it’s a beautiful picture of Jesus, our leader and savior and Lord, and his ministry, work and purpose. It’s a beautiful picture of the kind of work to which we are called–seeking and serving those who need help and healing and then being there as they believe and worship and follow, too. As we follow, may we serve like Jesus. As we believe, may we worship like the man.