Jonas is "The Phantom of the Opera"

October 30, 2006

The costume was his idea–he loves Phantom. He loves the music and listens to it each night before bed. He took the CD to school today for music listening.

We went to lunch with Jeff (and Polly–I got to meet her before November after all!) on Saturday and Jonas made Jeff guess what he was going to be. Jeff guessed like 20 things–even after clues like mask and cape and didn’t come close (of course.). I finally ended the guessing game and Jonas said, “I’m going to be the Phantom of the Opera–DUH.” Like every kid’s going to be the Phantom for Halloween. LOL.

4 responses to Jonas is "The Phantom of the Opera"

  1. That’s great! I like the originality of it!

  2. I love that musical. Your kid has good taste. Next year he needs to go as Raoul though. 🙂

  3. That is one great outfit! I never knew a kiddo who loved Phantom of the Opera, so I say GO JONAS!

    Hope you are blessed with lots of candy and kept from a tummyache!

  4. Irrelevant to this post… though I must say that Jonas makes for one handsome phantom… I’ve changed our blog address to