Jonas makes peace with "Jonas"

August 26, 2007

Some of you may have been keeping up with the discussion about the name Jonas that I’ve had on other people’s blog sites or in the comment section of my own. If so, then you know that Jonas has lately become sensitive about his name. He gets frustrated that sometimes he has to repeat his name when he tells people what it is because it’s unfamiliar to them. Or that sometimes they forget “Jonas” and call him Jonathan or Joseph or something. It’s also frustrating that he can never find his name on any of those cutsey things that have names on them. He came to the conclusion that his name was “embarassing.”

Then Katie helpfully mentioned to me that the name Jonas is very popular in Sweden. They say it differently (there’s no “j” sound in Sweden, so the J has a “y” sound). I shared this with Jonas last week while he was making his bed one day. I didn’t really think he was paying much attention, but he was.

Yesterday, we visited friends from church down on Lake Barkley. We were all out for lunch with separate tables for kids and adults. I could hear Jonas addressing Chase at the next table.

Jonas: Hey, Chase, you know what?

Chase: What?

Jonas: You don’t have to be embarassed if your name’s “Jonas.” Do you know why?

Chase: Why?

Jonas: Well, Becky has a friend in Sweden and she says lots of kids are named “Jonas” there, only they say it differently but it’s spelled the same. So you don’t have to be embarassed if your name’s “Jonas.”

So, thank you Katie, for mentioning that to me. You saved the day!

4 responses to Jonas makes peace with "Jonas"

  1. May I inquire as to where/why he was named such? Just curious. It is a rather unique (American) name.

  2. I believe that “Jonas” was Jason’s idea. The story Jason tells is that it was between Jonas (what dad wanted) and Obadiah (what mom wanted).

    If you ask me, Jonas got the good end of that deal.

  3. I found that story very encouraging. I love how kids respond to remarks and it brightens thier day.

  4. Mr. & Mrs. Lorentzon August 30, 2007 at 11:15 pm

    OH! How great is that!

    I am glad I could brighten his day!

    Although, here in Sweden, Jonas would just be “one in the crowd” (since there are so many others) and that’s not all that great either!

    So you could have a long philosophical discussion about that with him, if you want!