November 4, 2009

I’m only now sitting down to write about an event that happened over the weekend. I’ll share any random, strange, funny, obnoxious, sweet thing on my blog the moment I have a chance at my computer (and I know that you are all thrilled about that), but for some reason, I’ve hesitated to write about this. Maybe because it scared me so much that I’ve barely been able to actually talk about it. But it’s weird that it’s missing from my blog, and it is something major happening in the life of our family that most of my blog readers don’t know about. But it’s about Jonas, and even though I’ve never hesitated to share stuff about Jonas before (see this and this and this and this), it seems that this is a little more personal and a little too real.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I was gone this weekend. I left Thursday night and returned Monday afternoon. Jason and Jonas (and my very patient mother) were at home. There were big plans brewing for Jonas: a hike at Audubon park with his dad, trick-or-treating, and overnight with his grandparents and cousins.

On Saturday afternoon, Jonas went to his friend Noah’s house to play. I’m not sure about the exact details at this point, but they were bored in the backyard–which is bad news. Despite everything we have ever taught Jonas about safety, the boys got Noah’s BB guns and began shooting at each other.

Jonas was hit with a BB in his right eye.

Much screaming and bloodiness followed. Jason rushed him to the emergency room where they attempted to stop the bleeding and eventually did a CAT scan. The BB had hit his eyelid and made such an impact that it tore his retina. His eye was full of blood (and still is).

There will likely be permanent damage to his vision, although he has regained some sight in his eye. For now, Jonas goes each day to a specialist in Evansville for tests. He’s taking a series of three types of eye drops and an oral steroid. He does not return to school until the doctor releases him to do so. He is supposed to remain very still and watch a lot of television (it keeps his eyes still). This is all very hard for Jonas and he’s getting more and more miserable and bored as the hours tick slowly by. He’s only in pain when it’s time for him to get his eye drops. I think at least one of them irritates his eye (and he has to get that one every two hours).

Jason’s done a great job keeping up with Jonas’ medicine and doctor schedule. I know it was so scary for him to be the one here when it happened (and he assured me that I probably would have passed out if I had been here) and I know it’s easy for him to go to the place of “what if” and self blame. But it was one of those lessons that you can’t ever completely teach your kids–there are some lessons that kids insist on learning on their own, unfortunately.

We are worried about his vision and what this will mean for his future. We are worried that we’re not keeping him still enough and that we’re not taking good enough care of him. We’re worried about what happens when he leaves our house and goes to his mom’s house. We are worried that he was already behind in school and this presents an additional challenge since the homework is stacking up and he can’t do any of it yet (too much eye movement–although we are reading to him as much as we can).

We appreciate your prayers through this process. I will update later this week.

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  1. You know I will be praying for sure. I will pass it along to my friends here as well.