June Photos: Shampaigne



Today I walked through the PreK room at VBS and was greeted by a little girl whose name is Shampaigne.

“Hi! Can I take your picture?” She pointed at the Canon camera hanging around my neck.”

“Sure! Do you want us to take a picture together with this?” I pulled out my phone and made the screen reverse so we could look at it an see ourselves. “Go ahead and push the button!”

She did. Then. “Wait. You stick out your tongue, too!”


“Now I’m going to take a picture of you!”

Then a series of “Be happy! Be sad! Be scared! Stick out your tongue! Look mad!” I complied, making each face,both impressed with her tech  savvy with my camera and her knowledge of faces I could make for pictures. She only actually clicked to take the picture on my mad face. I wonder if she was just waiting for the right look?