June Photos: Topicsmaster


Well…of course I wish the quality of this picture were a bit better, but you squint a little bit and you can probably see what’s going on here.

I was Table Topics Master today at Toastmasters. Table Topics is, for some, the most frightening part of the Toastmasters Meeting. It is also one of the most fun, exciting, hilarious parts of the meeting on a very regular basis.

The Topicsmaster prepares an interactive five minutes. He or she may decide to ask questions of individuals in the room. He or she may create a game type scenario. He or she may simply invite people to speak on various topics or themes. The participants have had no way to prepare for this part of the meeting and therefore must act on the spot (impromptu speaking, as we practiced in high school speech class).

Today, I brought a bag or random objects I found around the church yesterday afternoon and invited participants to blindly pull an item out of the bag and then attempt to sell that item to everybody else in the room.

Earl pulled out this Pinocchio ring “toss” game. Good times ensued!

(Hey, have I ever told you that Riverbend Toastmasters meets at noon every Wednesday? Currently, we’re meeting in the community room at Independence Bank at the corner of Washington and Green! Guests are welcome, always.)