Just An Update

So…July arrived. I can’t believe that one month from today, kids in Henderson go back to school! Summer is more than halfway over. How did that happen? I know some kids are excited to get back to their friends and schedules, but Jonas and I wish summer could last forever.

We’ve been a busy family, going in different directions. Jason, of course, did his hike in Maine; Jonas just got back from Washington DC; I went to North Carolina with the high school mission team and will head to Murray, KY tomorrow morning with our middle school team (just for 48 hours, but it seems like packing for this trip is harder than packing for the high school trip, by the way).

Jenny got engaged (!) and so it seemed that a trip to Houston was going to be necessary for dress shopping purposes. But it seems that trip, scheduled for next week, has been canceled. This is sad on one hand (I wanted to see Jenny and the other bridesmaids) but a blessing on the other (I really have too much to do around here and the trip seems to be unnecessary at this point since she’s chosen her dresses and I can order mine in Evansville). I suppose she’ll make her way up here eventually and I’ll see her (and a whole lot of everyone else hopefully) in October for the big event!

Jason and I spent the 4th having lunch with friends (Whitney’s way of thanking her yard sale helpers) and then at Jason’s parents house for some fun family togetherness in the scorching July heat. We skipped the downtown fireworks last night because Jonas wasn’t with us (he went to Nashville to watch fireworks there with his mom and family) and because our dog is terrified of fireworks and we didn’t want to leave him alone.

I am contemplating a trip to my office this morning to do some studying and bulletin organizing. I’m leading both worship services on Sunday which means I also have a sermon to write…but the fact about me writing sermons is that I just can’t do it until it’s time. I can force it all I want, and write a bunch of stuff that sounds good to me that I’ll eventually have to throw out, but eventually the Spirit will move and the real sermon will come. Hopefully sooner than later!

So…that’s kind of all very boring, but it’s an update! I figured some of you would appreciate something different next time you checked in with me! I need to get back to regular blogging, but that probably won’t happen until the school year starts again.

May God’s peace surround you, whatever you’re doing today!