Kayak Attack

IMG_4854In our house, there’s one word that’s been “floated” around a lot lately.

The word is “kayak.” (Which is a fun word, by the way, because it is also a palindrome!)

At camp in June, Jonas completed his Kayak merit badge. Jason, who’s been jonesing for kayak for years now, has finally gotten full-blown kayak fever. A “Kayak Fund” has been started (with lawn mowing money and tips from window-washing). Craig’s List and Ebay have been scouted. Envy occurs when they hear about good deals hiking club members got on their new kayaks. Long-term family dreaming includes an oceanfront kayak rental business (hey, it’s dreaming and this ocean-loving girl wouldn’t complain!).

Now, I actually do love kayaking. It’s sleek and fun and the feeling of slicing through the water with a kayak paddle is indescribable. As far as family hobbies go, this is one I could get behind. I’m not interested in strapping on a 30 lb backpack and hiking for 12 miles and biking on trails for reasonable distances is okay, but neither of those things really make it to the potential hobby column on my to-do list.

1004815_10200250536010119_760383927_nYet, I’ve spent the last two Saturdays in a kayak and have loved every minute of it. On the last Saturday of the mission trip, we kayaked, canoed and paddle boarded on the Potomac River in Harper’s Ferry, WV. This past Saturday, we kayaked 7 miles of the Blue River with the Evansville Hiking Club. Even after mile 5 when a lot of people couldn’t believe how long seven miles on the Blue River could be, I still loved it.

I’ve always been a water girl. For as much motion sickness as I sometimes experience in a car, I’ve never had the same problem in any kind of vessel on the water. I love the sound a boat makes when it cuts through still water and I love the gentle rocking and lapping a passing boat’s wake causes. There’s nothing like hitting a bit of whitewater on a river (I said “a bit.” I’m not about to become a whitewater kayaker. I’d still rather take Class 3+ in a raft with someone who is paid to keep me alive.).

So, will three kayaks be purchased with the kayak fund? Probably not. Most of the racks that would fit on the truck will hold 2 kayaks. But I’m sure I’ll still be doing more than my fair share of floating.

I’ll keep you posted on future watercraft developments.