Kids Say…

I had to share something that’s had me laughing out loud all day!

This morning in Sunday School, I was teaching the K-2nd graders about David being annointed as King. We were talking about the verse that says that people look at outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. One of the things they were doing was drawing a tw0-sided picture. They were drawing a picture of themselves on one side and of a heart with their names in it on the other side.

Well, Alex, a first grader knew better than to draw the traditional heart shape. He informed me that he was going to draw more of a blob because that’s what a heart really looks like!

I asked him if he had learned about that in school. He said no.

I asked him where he learned what a heart looks like.

As serious as everything he informed me, “I saw it on Oprah.”


I told his dad and he told me that his mother-in-law stays with the children after school and she sometimes watches Oprah.

That was too funny!

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Here’s another one from today:

Jacob is in first grade. He got off the church van (to go to after school club at the church) and immediately made this screeching noise.

I said, “Jacob, stop shrieking!” But I could hear him making that noise all the way into the building.

When I made it inside, I called him over and I said, “Jacob, I asked you to stop shrieking.”

Jacob said, “OH! I thought you told me to stop shrinking!”

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